The Sweet Sound of Spin: How It Pulls Us In

Everyone who plays at some points decides what their favorite slot machine is. But why do we choose one over the other? The question may not be as straightforward as one would think. Sure we give reasons like “That’s my lucky game,” or “I like the feel of it better.” but when you look into it, those answers provide no actual concrete reason.

Maybe you got lucky on an individual machine a few times, or maybe you just like the look or graphics it uses – I like the South Park game because of my history and enjoyment of the show sure – but why would that make me want to gamble with it? A friend of mine likes Gonzo’s Quest Game due to their love for South America. It’s strange though when you step back and realize these reasons have little to do with the actual game itself.

One of the least explained (and least common reasons were given) the soundtrack of the slot games. Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but go a few games really listening to the accompanying sounds. Try it with the sound off and see how much faster you get bored. This is as evident in games as it is with movies. Go ahead and test it in a thriller game like Dracula slot.

Sound Affects Us More Than we Know

Julian Treasure is famous for his knowledge in how sound affects viewers and players. He is paid large sums to consult on how best to use and employ sound across a wide spectrum of mediums. He likes to break down the way sound affects us into four categories.

The first one is the physiological reaction. Sound and music can actually increase our cortisone levels and heart rate, so the reaction can be very physical.

The second is psychological. Humans have evolved to listen to their surroundings and react accordingly. We jump at loud sounds and feel reassured when we hear birds singing – these are all survival mechanisms taught to us by nature. Your brain is built around assessing sound and reacting accordingly.

The third is cognitive. This separates from the second in that it is our active listening nature. It is best described by a phenomenon like our inability to understand two voices talking at once. We have an absolute limit on what’s possible for us to listen to consciously.

The last category is behavior. This is sort of combination of the three others. Think about when I was 17, and a fast rock song would come on as I drove – it made me want to go faster. My brain, my heart rate, and nature all kicked in and put me in the mood for speed do to the queues in the song.

Listen to the Slot

So let’s get back to the slots. Every slot machine has its own unique soundtrack, and this is something you should start paying attention to. It can help you understand your own behavioral patterns. Did you ever think about why many slot machines always go back to that mechanical clicking sound, you know the one I’m talking about -its been used for almost a hundred years. Why? There is something we learned about those noises.

The world of video slots has opened up a whole new realm of sights and sounds for which to attract and retain players; we should begin to be conscious of it and be aware. They are focused around keeping us from being bored and playing more than ever.Some even relax us with more soothing sounds . See an example of one of our favorites in this Lights slots review.

Studies on the Effect of Slot Game Sounds

Studies were done by the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo recently conducted a study about how sound affects our slot playing habits. It was 13 pages long. The took nearly a hundred experienced players and split them off into groups. One group played the games sound and all; the other got the silent treatment. Both groups were monitored for a number of psychological and physiological changes.

The results came in, and there was little surprise when it was proven that sound motivated players to continue playing and kept them much more engrossed in the game in general. Sounds make players play more for reasons wholly separate from the game.

So pay attention when you play to the sounds you hear. Small rewards like free spins and the like will always cue particular noises made to have an effect on you. Try to be conscious of this, and you could learn quite a bit about yourself and how much goes on under the surface of your consciousness.