Slot Machines: Facts vs. Myths – Time to Kill some Sacred Cows

Humanity used to thrive on myths. Legend helped us understand nature and why the world was the way that it was. We believed supernatural creatures walked that land and that the gods treated us as playthings – the modern world has come to kill most myths. The word itself now is used as the antithesis of fact.

It is the time in our collective conscience to put aside myths altogether. I don’t mean only in the sense that Poseidon roams the seas or that lightning stems from Zeus, rather the myths that still haunt us throughout our daily lives. Everywhere you look superstition still abounds, just look at the movie The Secret or do a google search of “real love spells” to see what I mean. Myths aren’t real and it’s time we grew up a little bit.

Gambling, Especially Slot Machines, Attract Many Myths

We are going to break down and do away with some of the most prevalent of the myths that still inhabit the world of slot machines. It’s time to wash away these beliefs and reveal the truth underneath – for all our sakes.

Slot Machines: Myths vs. Facts – Embrace Reality, Let Go Of Demons & Dragons - An Infographic from Primeslots Blog

So there you go. Maybe you yourself believed some of the untruths about slots. Now you know better. It’s important you understand and pass on this information so others can stop dwelling in the world of superstition.

What We’ve Learned and What it Means

The graph makes it clear that every spin of the slots is independent of the rest. No machine knows when its time for someone to win, and there is nothing you can do to make it happen. Those that claim otherwise are operating under a form of delusion and groupthink that has been powerful enough to last generations.

Slots and Games are meant to be entertaining, and we can make it so for many once again. No more sleuth work, no more trying to beat the system, just play the game. There is no trick or secret to hitting it big other than perseverance. The Jackpot will always be just as close and just as far as its always been.

Stories are Worth Having, but You Must Know They are Stories

Everyone wants the ability to know fact from fiction, to discern what is happening from what will happen and to guide their lives accordingly. When you spin the slots, you let go of control and give yourself up to chance. Don’t let the belief in false control keep you from that reality. Be free and have fun.

When you aren’t gambling feel free to let your mind wander into the realm of the fanciful and majestic. Gods, dwarves, spirits – I enjoy the what if’s in life but I also try to understand when is the correct time to let the mind wander. We can’t all wear the tinfoil hat forever.

Slots are a machine of reality, made for fun. Don’t mix them up with anything else. It’s time to let the slot machine myths die.