Real Money Pokies & Slots at the Top Online Casinos in Australia

With hundreds of online casinos, how can you know where to play casino pokies & slots online for real money and win instantly? Lucky for you, Slot Spinners check all the best new slot sites with real cash slots, review online slot casinos and let you know about promotions.

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Mega Casino is a brightly-coloured modern online casino. Powered by SkillOnNet, they offer a diverse selection of unique online casino games. The casino is licensed in the jurisdiction of Malta. Due to various regulations, Mega Casino is currently unable to allow US players to register on their site.
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Prime Slots Casino is an instant play online casino with a colorful flair and a modern instant-play interface. Players at the casino can choose from a wide variety of games from several different software platforms, including NetEnt, NeoGames, and CryptoLogic. Prime Slots is licensed by the jurisdiction of Malta.
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How to Play Casino Games Online & Win Real Money Online Instantly

Australian online casinos of real money operate mostly in the same way. First and foremost, before anything else, you’ll need to register, to open an account. This isn’t Vegas; you can’t just walk into a casino, insert a few coins to win real money online instantly from the casino pokies and leave after a few spins.


Since all betting and winning is done online, no cash changes hand, the online casino operator will need to know your payment method before you start playing. It is a good idea to check that the Aussie casino you are registering to is a licensed one.


Usually major credit cards are accepted, as well as PayPal. Pretty straightforward stuff. Some online casinos have started accepting Bitcoin recently, just so you’ll know how you wish to get your prize money.

How to Play Pokies Online

If you played pokies in the real world, Australia or anywhere else, then you’re covered – it’s basically the same game ‘here’ online. Reels are spinning and the aim is that they’ll stop creating a streak of identical symbols.


Actually, let’s take a step back. If you played video pokies in the real world you’re covered. If you only played mechanical pokies – the kind that don’t have a screen but real reels that are spinning when you pull a lever (or handle) then you’ll be surprised at how online pokies made an evolutionary jump from their mechanical ancestors.


While the game kept its core principle when moving online, with pokies online there are new features like multiple paylines and bonus rounds all wrapped in mesmerizing graphics and usually cool soundtracks. It’s the 2.0 experience as you’d expect from any computerized game.


This is not to say that you’ll need to take a course or do some learning on how to play pokies online. It’s still the same game and since it is entirely software-based, the game pretty much ‘rolls’ smoothly once you hit the button.


The main thing to remember is this: online pokies have multiple pay lines. Meaning, with every spin of the reels you can have multiple wins. This is a huge advantage of pokies online versus the mechanical ones. It speeds up the game, allows for much more significant wins and adds excitement. Important to remember though, that the other side of the coin is that you might also lose faster so you need to consider carefully how much you bet on each spin because the odds of winning and losing are basically based on pure luck.

What is No Deposit Bonus in Real Money Pokies?

The next thing to happen is that you’ll get a reward from the casino: ‘welcome spins’. Meaning, you’ll get Free Spins without even being asked to deposit money in your account; basically it’s the casino telling you – go ahead, win real money no deposit required, we’ll deal with the technicalities later. That’s where the strangely phrased but immensely popular search term “no deposit bonus” comes from. You bet, on pokies online or any other real money games, and the casino pays.


This is highly generous, if you think about it – the casino actually wants you to play real money games – and win! – with absolutely no commitment on your part, allowing you to win instant cash no deposit asked! You can spin the reels and then simply walk away. If you came out the winner – getting free spins to win real money – you can continue playing real money pokies online, or simply collect your payout. There have been cases that gamblers, during these initial free spins win real money instantly on online pokies without putting even one Australian dollar of their own hard-earned Aussie money!

Is There a Difference Between Slot Machines and Poker Machines?

The simplest answer is no. There are one and the same. For a reason not clear till this day, slot machines are referred to as poker machines here in Australia, nicknamed pokies.


This is peculiar for a few reasons, mainly, that ‘poker’ is a completely different game than slot. But stranger things have happened so we shouldn’t dwell on it too much.


We should mention that these days there are video poker machines, which are not the Aussie poker machines, but rather machines with a screen to play poker on them. They are immensely popular in casinos actually, very much like ‘real’ video slot machines. Video poker machines offer a solitary gambling experience as opposed to the communal gambling experience that the poker table provides.


Anyway, going back to slots and pokies…

Quick Guide for Signup Bonus in Real Money Slots


Once that’s over and done with, next on your gambling agenda is to deposit money into your account. You’ll need to decide how much money you’re willing to risk, but it’s more complicated than that, in a good and bad way.


There’s another bonus coming your way, this time it’s the “signup bonus” (some casinos call it “welcome bonus”.) Yup, online casino gambling for real money is a highly competitive club, so casino operators of exciting real money slots do their outmost to attract new players and retain existing ones. As we’ve already mentioned, casino operators offer free online games to win real money no deposit required; that’s really going all the way as far as marketing.


Who wins from all this competition? You of course, the online gambler, who gets software-based entertainment and a really good chance to play various pokies and casino games and win real money online instantly.


Let’s start with the good: The higher your first deposit will be the bigger your real money  sign up bonus on online slots is. Obviously, online pokies sites operators try to encourage you to make a large first deposit – and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s what’s called “up sale” – like when the store clerk tries to sell you a shirt on top of the two trousers you’ve picked, or when the waiter tells you, you have to taste the pecan pie because it’s sooooo good. That’s the way the commerce and ecommerce worlds work and you shouldn’t have hard feelings about it.


So going back to the sign up bonus, it will match or even double your first deposit, up to 200 dollars or euros. In online slot casinos jargon it will look like this:


200% up to $200  – this means the online casino will double your first deposit up to two hundred dollars. You deposit $100, the casino will add another $200 to your account. Not too shabby of an online casino real money free bonus!


100% up to €100 – this means the online casino will match your first deposit up to one hundred euros. You deposit €50, the casino will add another €100 to your account. That’s pretty cool too, you have to admit.

Real Slots Real Money


Just to make clear: these are online pokies games that pay real money for any means and purposes and a true VIP treatment it should be added. When was the last time someone handed you cash to have fun with?


One important thing you should take into consideration before deciding on your first deposit. Once you accept a first deposit bonus from a casino you need to play the sum of the deposit and bonus a few times over before you’ll be able to withdraw your money – to cash out. Usually, it’s between 20-40 times over. Now before you pass judgement remember this – you don’t have to accept the bonus.


So it’s up to you: accept the bonus and with it restriction on your ability to cash out or decline the bonus and be free to cash out at any time. Either way, real money pokies are waiting for you in Australia and real money slot machines are waiting for all over the internet!

Online Gambling for Real Money Explained

Even if it sounds a bit on the complicated side, it’s not really. You’ll get the hang of it in no time, and anyway, once you’re done with this initial signup & deposit stage you are all set to concentrate on pay lines and progressive jackpots of the best real money slots to win money online instantly.


Maybe this would be a good time to remind you to play responsibly. The online gaming experience, the virtual casinos and pokies that pay real money can make you less aware of the money changing hands here.


In a land casino to win real money you got a chip, a jetton, a physical object – you can hold it in your hands and clearly see as it disappears from the little pile in front of you, on the green felt tables of poker, blackjack and roulette, or from a bucket next to the fruit machine.


If you plan to play casino games or play pokies online in Australia, pressing a Spin button with a mouse or on a touch screen when your money is represented by numbers at the bottom of the screen requires a bit more self-control. Don’t forget that.


There are safety triggers you can set if you’re not entirely confident in your ability to stop when you should; either a time trigger (to lock you out of your account if you played for two hours straight, for example) or sum trigger (locking you out if you lost X amount of money.)


We highly recommend to new players to use the safety triggers because they are playing for money they might win or lose and when you’re into the game, playing thrilling casino slots for real cash, it is mighty easy to get carried away. Actually, this recommendation stands for veteran players as well.


And try to keep this in mind – the repetitive nature of online pokies, the fact that every round is very similar to the one before it, can dull your otherwise excellent judgement and alertness. Even if you’re playing the best online pokies in Australia please, keep being aware of the passage of time and the balance on your account.

Review of Slot Spinners’ Approval Stamp for Australian Online Real Money Casinos & Pokies Sites

If you noticed, next to each one the top 6 online casinos or pokies online sites, we ranked there is the Slot Spinners Approval Stamp. We approve only casinos that we deem to be safe and that offer excellent gambling experience, that offer a some of the best online slots to win real money and provide great customer support. We look for best online pokies sites that have a modern interface and intuitive UX, and that offer a real money pokies app, for iPhones and Android devices, tablets and iPads.


We feel there are so many online casinos out there, so many to choose from, so many chances to win real cash instantly online – so why compromise on a lesser quality casino when you can enjoy the best and most popular ones? You definitely shouldn’t!

FAQ about Real Money Slot Machines & Pokies

Are casino sites where you can win real money instantly safe?

If anything, you can win real money in online casinos instantly and be certain that they are actually safer than land casinos! The ability to place restrictions on your game to save you from spending too long or too much on a game is an incredible safety measures that’s available online. Whereas land casinos have you depend on your ability to maintain self-control.


Of course, the online world isn’t perfect and there are unstable sites out there. But if you’re interested in playing real cash pokies then head to our list of licensed sites that we’ve given the stamp of approval and enjoy your gambling experience safely.


How do I get my money’s worth on online real cash slots?

In order to get your money’s worth on online real money slots we recommend grabbing the signup bonus when offered to you. Using the sign up bonus gives you the opportunity to play more spins on any of the pokies available on the site and enhance your chances of winning.


What’s the fun in playing cash slots online rather than in land casinos?

Although having a waitress on hand ready to attend to your every need is a treat, playing to win real cash online can be just as fun if not more! The ability to click a pokies app icon and play right on your phone from anywhere you like is just one of many benefits. Often people find the environment in a casino overwhelming, but when it comes to playing online you are in charge of everything from where you are, what you’re listening to and with whom you are playing beside.


Are my credit card details safe with online casino?

Like mentioned previously, we only recommend playing pokies to win real money on the sites that have our stamp of approval. As these sites are fully licensed, safe and reputable your credit card details should be safe. On top of that, a sure way to test a casino site is by first to try some free spins no deposit win real money and then only decide. You can also check for reviews online for casino operators not listed on Slot Spinners.


Are my chances of winning in real money pokies online the same as in land slot machines?

Be it online or on land the mechanics of how pokies work are all the same. Your spins outcome is determined by a random number generator, which ensures the game is fair for all. The ability for anyone to play pokies online and hope to win real money at any time is what makes slot machines so fun!